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Husband Receives Photo from His Wife, Then Immediately Wants a Divorce

She had only forgotten one detail…

No way back

After she sent the photo, Chloe took another good look at it. She looked good and couldn’t believe that she wasn’t being offered more modeling jobs. In the past, she even had to reject them because she no longer had time for new jobs… Then suddenly she noticed a detail that shocked her.

“Oh no!”, she yelled out loud, starting at her phone in the living room. She’d noticed something she knew would anger John. Her fingers quickly tapped the keyboard of her cellphone, until the screen suddenly went black. Her battery had died. John was going to land and see the photograph.

There was no going back…


Once landed, John took his phone off airplane mode and a big smile appeared on his face. He had 1 new message from the love of his life. He opened the messaging app and saw the beautiful photo of his beautiful wife. Deeply in love, John stared at the screen.

Her beautiful smile, her beautiful eyes, her shiny hair… Suddenly John’s heart skipped a beat. What was that? His heart began to pound in his throat. He had noticed something in the photo that had really shocked him. What did this mean?

This detail had serious consequences for his marriage…


John trembled with rage as he dialed his wife’s number for the fourth time. She didn’t answer again. He didn’t know that her phone had gone down, of course, so he tried a fifth time. When this attempt also proved unsuccessful, John decided to call another number.

His lawyer answered in the usual friendly tone. John explained the situation to him and concluded his story with a request. “I want you to get the divorce papers in order,” he said. The lawyer repeated John’s words in astonishment. “Are you sure about this?” he asked John. “Talk to her first, who knows, maybe she’ll have an explanation.”

John took a few deep breaths at the advice of his lawyer and decided to call Chloe again.

The conversation

John was straight to the point: “Where the hell is your wedding ring?”. Chloe had already expected this to catch his eye. He had spent so much money and gone to such lengths to get this wedding ring on her finger, he had noticed this detail immediately. The photo indeed showed that Chloe was not wearing her wedding ring.

One dark thought ran through John’s head. Did she cheat on him when he was on a business trip? Chloe, of course, had mentioned that she was bored at home. It could be that she had sought the excitement outside the door and had forgotten to put her wedding ring back on. Did this happen more often? She never sent a photo of course…

Chloe couldn’t help but be honest…

The explanation

Chloe decided to tell her husband the truth. It was hard enough for him to be far from home and not be able to see her face during this conversation, it was hard for her to get around the truth and tell him a story. She decided not to beat around the bush.

She knew she would startle her husband with the truth, because she promised him never to do this. Yet she loved John dearly and knew that she had no choice but to tell them why the ring was not on her finger in the photo.

The truth came out…

The truth

Chloe told John that she did something that day that he wouldn’t like. She had been sitting at home and very bored. There was no volunteering to do that day, no events to attend, and she had already completed all the household chores.

She called an acquaintance for an appointment and then went out. Along the way, Chloe knew she was doing something her husband didn’t want her to do, but she was done with the boredom. At least this was something exciting. And he wouldn’t even find out!

Wondering what Chloe was going to do? You will read it on the next page.

The shoot

Chloe booked a nude photoshoot with a professional photographer. There was nothing sexual about this shoot, it was purely artistic. Although John had asked her not to do any more nude shoots, but this one time she decided to go against his wishes. She thought that was quite exciting!

The shoot was very respectful and beautiful. Chloe felt attractive again, something she had felt a lot less in these past years. She might not be able to make ends meet as a model, but she still had it in her. Once home, John had asked her for a photo and sent the selfie.

She just forgot to put her wedding ring back on…

John’s reaction

John was very relieved that his wife hadn’t cheated on him. He immediately told her that he didn’t mind that she had such a photo shoot. John desperately wanted his girlfriend to feel attractive and beautiful. He could well imagine that such a life as a housewife was boring.

The two had a good chat about their wishes and dreams. They told each other that they were both not completely happy with their marriage. They loved each other very much and enjoyed every moment they were together, but John was away from home too often.

Then John did something quite drastic…

The drastic action

John contacted his boss and indicated that he no longer wanted to be away from home so often. He asked if there was no position in San Francisco. This would mean that he could be with his wife every day again. Much to his relief, his boss understood him completely. And it got even better!

Surprise! John’s boss told him a management position had become vacant in San Francisco. He had wanted to offer it to John the moment he returned from his current business trip. Now that John called with this request, he couldn’t keep it to himself any longer. John accepted the offer and they agreed to discuss the details in the office the following week.

So, John got a job in San Francisco. And Chloe?

Happily married

Both the sneaky photo shoot and the fact that she now had her husband close to her again, led to Chloe now being a lot more confident in life. And this she radiated! Suddenly she was offered job after job and Chloe’s career as a model took off.

The two agreed that Chloe would not take too many jobs abroad. They didn’t want history to repeat itself, of course.

Source: Fiction | Image: Reddit,  Pexels

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