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Husband Receives Photo from His Wife, Then Immediately Wants a Divorce

They would know not only prosperity, but also adversity in their marriage…

The ring

The wedding ring that Chloe would wear for the rest of her wedding was beautifully decorated with small diamonds. Costs and effort were not spared because John had these made by a specialized jeweler from France. His princess deserved an extra special ring. Chloe wore the ring with pride.

The ring attracted a lot of attention. Some of Chloe’s friends lived abroad, which prevented them from attending the wedding. They had already heard about the beautiful wedding ring through the media, so Chloe was repeatedly asked to send a photo of the jewelry.

The couple’s lives calmed down in the years that followed, until John made a shocking discovery…

Married couple

In the years following the wedding, a lot changed in the couple’s life. John took on a new role as a sales representative for the company he worked for, while Chloe’s career also changed a lot. She noticed that as she got older, she was offered fewer jobs.

As a result, Chloe became more and more of a housewife, while John was increasingly away from home. Chloe started working for charities and became a welcome guest at fundraisers and events. The company John worked for was very conscious of his value, so he was now making enough for two.

The two had everything right, but their relationship still started to show cracks…


Chloe had to get used to the transition from a life as a single model, full of parties, attention, and tension, to a life as a married housewife. Her volunteer work did her good: she was very committed to others. However, she did miss some excitement in her life. She spent most of her time at home.

Because she was at home so much, she had a lot of time to think between household chores. She realized that she was not completely satisfied with the current way her life was going. Her husband traveled a lot and earned the money, while she was at home a lot and bored to death. Here and there Chloe was offered a modeling job, but this was not enough.

Chloe desperately needed more variety and excitement in her life…

Away from home a lot

John was also not completely satisfied with the current situation. Although he now held a very important position and earned a lot of money, there was something missing in his life. He began to realize more and more that that “something” was Chloe. He was sometimes away from home for a long time, so it took weeks before he saw the love of his life again.

What also didn’t help was the fact that Chloe didn’t like pictures or video bubbles. This would make it a lot easier for John, because then he would get to see his wife again. He decided to insist on it once during this business trip. He missed her terribly.

Little did John know that this request would turn his life upside down…

The photo

The couple had just called for half an hour while John was boarding his next flight. Chloe had been on the way home during the phone call and now plopped down on the couch. Suddenly she received a message from her husband, who had to be on the plane by now.

“Would you please send me a picture of yourself? I miss you terribly and it pains me not to see you these next few weeks. Please.”, John typed. He then put his phone on airplane mode and fastened his seatbelt carefully. The plane started to taxi and prepared to take off.

He had no idea what awaited him…

Taking a picture

Chloe read the message with a frown on her face. A picture of herself? John knew she didn’t like that, right? She was a professional model, she saw herself often enough already. She wanted to keep work and private life separate. Chloe intended to decline the request.

Then she realized how John must be feeling. Lonely and alone, in a foreign land, far from home. The least she could do to satisfy him was to send a photo. She posed for a selfie, took a few, chose the best one and sent it to her husband, accompanied by a heart emoji.

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